How to input a new Grant

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The blue pushpint next to the name indicates that this is the default view when you click on Grants. Click New to create a new Grant.

Donations come with lots of options...Click on the button that says Grant.

Click next

The Grant Page comes up.

  • Notice that the Grant Name is a required field.
  • The Close Date is the date you expect to receive the grant.
  • The Primary Contact is the person at the foundation or other grant-giving organization with whom you are in contact about this grant.
  • Stage fields are shown below.

Grant Information

This information will be useful in the future if you want to come back to this organization and ask for another grant.

  • Note the "Previous Grant/Gift Opportunity" field. This is a lookup to the list of grants you have worked on before. Find the name of the previous grant you received. It will appear in this field.

Stage Fields for Grant requests

The stages of the grant request are in this line. Dark Blue shows where you are in the process.

Hit save

  • These lists are separate objects that relate to the grant.
  • Contact Roles = People who were involved in working with you on this grant. Include board members, people who suggested you apply, etc.
  • Payments = Used when there are multiple payments to you and the grant doesn't arrive all at once.
  • GAU Allocations = These are "General Accounting Units" - but typically they show how you have allocated the funding to your various programs.
  • Related Grants = Grants that come from the same org, grants that are aimed at the same projects, etc.

Contact Roles

Contact Roles show the people who have contributed to the success of getting this grant. Since grants are awarded from organizations and not individuals, you'll want to give those "helpers" (board members, staff of the organization that assisted, etc.) Soft Credit. They are not donors, but soft credit can show just how much an individual has helped bring the grant to your org.


Deliverables are the items that show the progress in getting the grant.

Click New

Types of Deliverables

If there are other items that you need to provide the organization providing the grant, you can ask your system administrator to add them.

Add the date that the grant is due.

Click the little calendar to get a view of the dates. The arrows to the side will take you to later or earlier months. The arrows by the year will take you to earlier or later years.

Close Date

The close date is the date that the grant was submitted.  (Both the due date and the close date have little circles next to the field label. Click there to see what each means.

Click Save.


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