Opportunity Contact Roles

Opportunity Contact Roles in Apsona

Role = Donor

Using the Opportunity Contact Role...

  • I can find the donors.
  • I can see the donations from a particular year.
  • I can determine that the Contacts who have the role of Donor are the PRIMARY donors on the opportunity.

Now let's go to the Donations and create/modify a report.

Find Garuda Donors Last Year

Here's the table data.

Check out which fields I've added to the report.

In addition to the Amount, Full Name, Campaign Name, and Account name from the DONATION record, I've added the Contact, Role and Primary from the Opportunity Contact Role object.

Now let's look at the Filter Terms

Filter Terms

The donation closed in 2020, the Campaign Name on the donation is starts with "Garuda", the contact is not empty on the OPPORTUNITY CONTACT ROLE, the Role = Donor, the Primary checkbox is checked ("yes").

Save and run.

Now, add the contacts to the campaign

Oops...we need the Contact ID....so back to the Tabular data tab...

Click EDIT

The contact is an available object on the donation.

So the Contact ID is an available field on the contact! Grab that puppy!

Save and run


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