EOY Testing and Fixing 30 Jan 22

Rollup Donations Batch

In KPC Settings Lightning (#1 below), Click NPSP Settings (#2), Bulk Data Processes (#3) and Rollup Donations Batch (#4). Then Run Batch (not shown). Then check your contact record to see if these have indeed been rolled up to the contact record. If not, repeat the process until it works.

In my example, it worked, populating the Total Gifts Last Year field.

What it didn't do, was to populate the Soft Credit fields for the primary contacts on an Account donation. Check this out Monday 1/31

Verified that the Organization Email field is on the Organization page.

Checking out the Templates: Account EOY Template

Preview Template

Salesforce expects you to have a Primary Contact on the Account Record, and that person will be the one receiving the YearEnd Letter. Consequently,  for testing, we end up with Dear [Blank Space]. Notice also that the Account template uses the Informal Greeting, which is part of the Household record, not the Regular Organization record.

So this template will not work for Regular Organizations that are not Households.

Created Org Donation Template

Here's the Donation List now:
THis list doesn't have the EOY Donation Statement template because it is saved in KPC Admin's Personal Email Templates Folder.

Checking out the Templates: EOY Donation Statement

Here are the issues with this template:

  1. It is filed in a place where I wouldn't be able to access it, except that you put the link in Basecamp. Better to put it in the Folder with the others. Then we don't get frustrated when we can't find something.
  2. I forgot to add an address to this testing Contact. So...no Address but easily fixable
  3. You can't mix and match objects with Classic Email Templates. It either has to be stuff on the ACCOUNT record or on the CONTACT record, but not both.
  4. For Individuals, I would stay with the contact record because, as you can see here, the amount that Trishikins donated is correct. If you go with the Household, ALL the dononations from the household will be summarized in the Total Gifts Last Year field.

Changed the EOY Donation Statement to point exclusively to an individual.

Checking out the Templates: EOY Account Donation Statement

EOY Tax Deductible Statements How-to Review

I've added a step here:


Accounts are Organizations. Yes, we need separate processes, because regular organizations don't have Formal and Informal Greetings.

Personally, I would organize this with sections like this, just to be clear with myself:

1. Contacts being sent individual emails/letters whose spouses get their own letter/email.
           a. Do Mass Email - Use EOY Donation Statement Template
           b. Create a physical Mailing List

2. Contact Households
           a. Do Mass Email - Use EOY Account Donation Template
           b. Create a physical Mailing List

3. Organizations
            a. Do Mass Email - Use OrgAccount EOY Donation Template
            b. Create a physical Mailing List

This Section will bring up the Organizations that have contributed, but it doesn't bring up the HOUSEHOLDS that have contributed.

Here's how I set this up:

Question #5: The email templates are set up. Use the Primary Contact email if you are sending to Individual Contacts or Households (since we don't have an organization email on the Household record, and shouldn't put "Organization Email" there, because it will be too confusing to future Admins.

Question #9: You can individually, but not mass, email organizations. We do have a specific email template for them. In Classic, go to Activity History, Email. You'll STILL need to be sending the email to a PERSON. Salesforce is just adamant about that, as far as I can see. When I just put the Organization Email in, I get an error.

Actually, if you have a list of Primary Contacts for your organizations, you can create a separate Email to go out to them. Use the Campaign to get the contacts related to the organization up and then Mass Email them, using the Org Template. But the Primary Contact field needs to be populated.

But when I put a contact name in the To: field, it finds the contact's email and is ready to rock and roll. The preview works. Note that TrishTest has both Do Not Call and Email Opt Out, so that's what's going on with the warning message in yellow below.

Select the Template to get all the info on the email...

You also get the Email in the Activity History Related List.

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