Create Single Donations

Contact Single Donation: SEARCH for the Contact FIRST!

This is when you get a check from a contact.

Click on the contact


click on Donations

Click New

Choose Record Type

This is what you will see first

  • Account Name will be filled in with Household
  • Primary Campaign Source will be filled in with the last campaign you were adding to donations
  • Fields that are required: Donation Name, Close Date, Stage (and Account Name, which is populated)
  • Search for and add the CONTACT name



This is after you fill in all the details

  1. The Donation Name will be created when you save the record. You can put blah-blah in here.

Here's the Donation we created

Contact Roles

  • Hard Credit for Raphael
  • Soft Credit for his Household memeber, PeterTest

Raphael is added to the Campaign

Note new Campaign Member Status

I created a new status, Donated, for my Campaign. I like it better than Responded...I want to know who actually Donates to my appeals. But this can get out of hand. It must be used very sparingly.

Household Page reflects the donation

Sometimes these rollups are processed overnight and you'll see the results the next morning.

Donation Automatic Naming Conventions

Log a Grant

SEARCH FIRST for an Account that we are approaching for a grant

Click the New Button

On the Opportunity Related List: Click the NEW button

Select Grant Record Type

Fill in the fields

Notice the same blah-blah for the Donation Name

The Name is automatically changed

If you leave off the Campaign Name...

It will not be automatically added to the Opportunity/Donation name, and you'll have to add it manually.

The primary Contact gets a contact role of Soft Credit

Next up: add Deliverables to the Grant!


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