Add a Contact to a Household

Search First!!!

When adding a new contact, always search first!

1. Found Contact

If you find the contact, great! You can add the husband, wife, child or other family member into the household.

Click on the Household Name and skip to Step 3

2. Not Found? Create New

We have learned how to create a new contact.

We also saw that every time a new contact is created, a new household is created at the same time, with the contact's name + Household.

All the details, please

The more you fill in now, the better the overall data quality will be. Studies show that people rarely come BACK to a contact to fill in all the details!

3. Add a Contact to an existing household

Click on the Household Link on the Contact Record of a household member

Click Manage Household

Find or Add?

You can do both here. Let's try that...

Search for New Contact

Click + New Contact

New Contact Page in Manage Households...

This gets the contact IN, but notice...not much info here about ol' Mickey!

Click New Contact

Mickey gets a card in the HH

Household Details - all the household names

These are automatically generated (see Auto Name checkbox? This comes checked.)

Add existing Contact to existing Household

Search for the contact and then click the big plus to add to household.

See how HH Names Change???

Change Household Details

  1. Check the Exclude options on the contact card.
  2. Uncheck the Auto Name checkbox and put the new version you and your contact want.


Remove a Contact

Click the X in the contact card's upper right corner

Click Remove

Peter goes back to his old Household

4. Add a New Contact with more details

Fill in all the details

per our last session

Click save. This adds the new contact with all the details you can supply.

Added and changed HH Name Automatically


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