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Setting up Capital Campaign Reorganization

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Created two new campaigns to start.

Moving all 2021 Capital Campaign Members and their donations to the new campaigns.

General Donation Campaign Members

Campaign Member Statuses for Capital Campaigns

The default status = Prospect, but we can set up the process to change the status when someone contributes to a campaign to Donor. Or, with a Recurring donation on the record, either Pledger or Recurring Non-Pledger.

Pledge Donations Campaign

177 Donations

203 Campaign Members

Donation Page Layout Assignments - 1

In order to assign Campaign member Statuses Properly, need the Campaign Member Status field on the Donation

Donation Page Layout Assignments - 2

Donation Page Layout Assignments - 3

Steps to get contacts and donations into the new Capital Campaigns

  1. All the donations in a campaign need to have a Primary Contact. (Use the Opportunity Contact Roles to get the names to import or just fill them in manually)
  2. On the Donation Object: Update the campaign Member Status to one of the statuses: Donor, Pledger, Non-Pledger Recurring, Prospect (no amount in the donation object)
  3. Put the donations from each campaign into the Annual Campaign (2021)
  4. Put the Campaign Members into the Capital Campaign - All Campaign
  5. Do they also go into the Annual Campaign? Hmmm... think about this.

Capital Campaign General Donations

Steps taken

Capital Campaign Pledgers

Steps Taken

Capital Campaign Pledge Donations

Steps Taken

Capital Campaign Prospects

Steps Taken


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