Thank You Emails - KPC

This one is attached to the Peace Park

This one is not attached anywhere.

  • Attached to: Amitabha Stupa General Fund
  • Path to Peace Dedication
  • Friends of Amitabha Stupa
  • (This was attached the the Amitabha Stupa General Fund letter. Not sure why another type showed up.)

Tax Letter - Bigger Type

Capital Campaign

Garuda Aviary

Simple KPC Header

  • Attached to: Bricks (MD)
  • Friends of KPC--declined credit card
  • Friends of KPC
  • Bricks (MD) & (AZ?)
  • 1000 Buddha 1st Thank You, subsequent Thank You
  • General
  • Guru Rinpoche Statue
  • PMA
  • Prayer Sponsorship
  • Puja Sponsorship
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Thank you for your donation
  • GRStatue Campaign Update

Thank you Email Templates to do:

This needs verbiage to go into the template.

  • These are without templates with verbiage also:
  • Namdroling Prayers
  • PMA Candles not on the list.
  • Resident Share

And new ones:

  • Stupas and Statues
  • Buddhist Relief
  • Guru Rinpoche Statue Landscaping


The issue with Click & Pledge may be a result of its record type.


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