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Move Campaign Members out of Deprecated Campaigns

  1. The first thing I want to do is to make sure that the Campaign Member Statuses conform to the naming convention that we have set up. Because we are going to use these member statuses to create emailing lists to various Capital Campaign constituencies.
    • Pledgers and Recurring Donors
    • Donors in the All-Time Campaign (should be all the one-time donors to the Capital Campaign)

This means that if one of the one-time donors wants to move into the recurring donor category, their campaign member status in the All-Time Campaign will need to be changed to Donor.

Move Campaign Members into All-Time Campaign

Each of the Campaign members in any of the deprecated campaigns will need to be added, if they are qualified, into the All-Time Campaign. This facilitates sending email lists using the Campaign Member Status to segregate the lists.

We have 34 Campaign members who are listed as "Responded." We need to go one by one:

  • If they have not donated to the Capital Campaign, they can be moved to the Prospects Campaign or simply deleted.
  • If they have donated, then they are DONORS.
  • If they have pledged or are contributing to a Recurring Donation, they are either Pledgers or Recurring Donors

There are two Campaign members in the Sent Category. See above for where to put them.

I've downloaded a spreadsheet containing this list of Campaign Members. Recommendations:

  1. In the Spreadsheet: Change the Member Status on these 36 individuals to the status they should have.
  2. Import the spreadsheet into the All-Time campaign using a match on the Contact Full Name

One of the characteristics of Campaigns is that they will not accept duplicates. So if they names you are importing are an exact match with the names in the Capital Campaign All-Time campaign, they will be rejected. Which is good. We don't want dupes.


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