Email/Ack Issue

Donation | Salesforce Object

Both processes referenced in this list are INACTIVE. Can they be just deleted?

Process Builder | Email: Donation Acknowledgement/Receipt Process

I have deleted all but Version 24 of this Process.

Email Alert referenced in the Capital Campaign Pledge Opp ID process.

One of these may reference the field, but so far I haven't found one of them doing that.

Below is a sample of the Classic Email Template that is used with Email Alerts in Workflows (and processes).

I don't see any reference to the offending field on this email template or in the email alert action that goes with it.

Campaign Field

I unchecked the required checkbox. This says that in order to save a campaign record, this field must have a value...i.e. one of these have to be chosen in order to save the record. This may solve the problem.


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