RD Migration STATUS

Finding Donations to DELETE - I think this task is complete.

This shot shows you how to set up the Tabular View Field Set and the Filter.

Missing Total Pledged

Set up in Apsona

Recurring Donors - No Total Pledged Amount

Missing Total Paid Amount = Lapsed or Paused?

Edit James Echols III $5,000 - Recurring | Salesforce

This says he has ONE planned installment, but it's supposed to be every year.

Since he has no payments since 2018, he's either Lapsed or Paused. But he's not Active.

All Pledgers without Payments = Lapsed

Tri Bui Nguyen

He made one donation of $1000. If you want to include him in the Recurring Donation category, create a Recurring Donation for him. My take is that he's made three individual donations to the Capital Campaign. Since they are basically a year apart...is this overfilling his pledge? Your Call.

His campaign member status is Pledger. If so, he needs a Recurring Donation Record. If not, he needs to be a Donor.


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