Recurring Donation Migration

Here's the overview of what's to come: 

  • We need to proceed systematically to make sure that the Recurring Donations get set up properly. We'll take the Pledge Amounts out of the Pledge record and put it into the Description field of the Donation. That way, we won't have the system thinking it's actually a donation. 
  • I've added DEPRECATED to the pledge record as well, so that we know, when we have extracted all the information from it, that we can simply delete it. 
  • In my example below, I created an Apsona list view and a Salesforce one, to make sure that both have the same values and neither has anything wacky going on. It's a good practice to start with, but once you are assured that Apsona is accurate and works well for this task, you can skip that step. 
  • The practice of having to create the donations every month will be taken care of by the system. It will create ONE donation record a month, and when it has been paid, you simply change the status to Closed Won or Posted, and the system will add everything up and then create a new donation record for next month, with the status of pledged.

Off we go on the big adventure!!!

#1: Bring up the Capital Campaign Pledge Record

  1. On the Opportunity Record: Mark the Opportunity Name with DEPRECATED at the top of the page
  2. Add the PLEDGED amount to the Description field and delete that number from the Amount field. (This is to get accurate reporting on the amt actually already given.)
  3. Add the Amount field to the Amount Pledged field on the Contact Record
  4. Add the Pledge Date field value to the Date Pledged field on the Contact Record
  5. Come back to this page once you have the Recurring Donations Record Set Up.

Alyce Louise B's Pledge Record

Adding info to the Recurring Donation Page

Click New

What we have so far:

In order to save, we need to add an amt-- I put $1 so we don't get confused at all.

Now we look at the Donations Records - In Apsona

Donation Records - Salesforce

Same number because we didn't remove the DEPRECATED Pledge Record

I say, these two versions AGREE and now I'm going to add the Pledge Donations to the Recurring Donation.


Complete the Recurring Donation

Filling in these fields On the Recurring Donation:

  1. Day of the month: She's now paying on the 11th of the month, and she's paying monthly.
  2. Current Amt: $100/month
  3. Recurring Type: I'd say Open at this point. According to Apsona, she has already donated over the amount that was supposedly pledged. This is probably worth a discussion with her. You can REVISE the RD, not make a new one. And change the total Pledge on the Contact Record, too.
  4. First Payment was 3/11/2019, so that can go for an Establishment Date
  5. Leave the effective date of when I set this up. So it will be going FORWARD now.

Now ADD the donations to the Recurring Donation

In Alyce Louise's case here, she has been pretty consistent, except for skipping five months and then paying up in May for the months she missed. I'll just bring that in as a donation to this Recurring Donation. The system has already created the $1 pledge, so I'll probably have to remove it.

Set it up: Here's the Filter-- "Recurring Migration Filter"

Set it up: Tabular View Fields -- "Individ for RD Migration"

Next - Tools > Update All

These are the two fields that need to be updated: Recurring Donation & Campaign

Click Update


Note that I saved the Action, so you will just have to change the name of the Pledger!


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