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First, let's find the fields on the object where they live. I'm in Lightning.

The Click & Pledge App (all the apps and visible objects) live in what I call the Waffle. Go to KPC CRM Lightning to get the basic NPSP objects. We can change these objects if we need to.

Notice that I've pinned the All Donations List View so that when I go to Donations, I can see all the donations in the system. Now let's just click New to see the whole page layout.

Okay, I can't see the field we're looking for on the page layout on the Donations object. Let's check out the Campaigns and see if it is visible there...


Here it is on the Capital Campaign - All Time campaign. (I'm a bit confused about what the Campaign Member Type field is doing...I'll check that out later.) But at least we have now a glimpse of the field in question.

Heading now to Setup

...where we will find the field on the Fields and Relationships section of the Object Manager/Donation and Object Manager/Campaign

I put "Donation" in the search box, because we've renamed the "Opportunity" object "Donation" which is more in line with how most nonprofits thing about the revenue that comes into the system.

Here's the field. It's a Formula that looks to the Campaign object. Not sure which one we can delete first. Try this one. If that doesn't work let's go to the Campaign object and find the field there.  

Click the Object Manager again and this time, enter Campaign in the Quick Find box. This is easier than scrolling down.

I didn't show the Quick Find box this time because you found it with Donations, so it hasn't can find that again! Click on the Campaign and then, from the Details column on the left side, click Fields and Relationships.

To delete a field, find the little down-arrow at the end of the row.

This one is a straight-up picklist, not a formula. My guess is that you have to delete the one of the Donation object first, because it is going to be looking for the campaign, and won't want to go away with that dependency intact...but this is one of those spots where I would just try this one, and if you get an error message, try the other one.

If the setup between these two fields is preventing you from deleting either one of them first, let me know. I'll edit the Donation field so it is NOT dependent on the campaign, and that should be all we need to get this done. But I'm hoping this is all you'll need.



By the way, you might want to use this in the future to find fields that you think have already been created but you're not seeing them, or you want to edit a field, for example, to add more space for a longer description or you want to add a value to a picklist. This is where all that good stuff lives.




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