Formula for Primary Contact Title

This is the Primary Contact on the Account (Organization Field). It's automatically created when you put that person's name into the field.

Primary CCHF Contact Email

Note the double underscore after npe01. We'll need that for the Title.
We needed to create this field in order to have the Primary Contact's email.
We'll need to do the same for the Title field.

Testing with Worldstouch

Tested the email on Worldstouch and it worked. So we'll try to replicate this for the Title.

Creating the custom field:

Click Formula and then click next.

Select Text in this case and click Next

Worldstouch | Organization | Salesforce

Create the Formula

Note that when we put a double underscore after "npe01", that's really all we need to replicate this formula for the title. Click check syntax and notice there are no errors.

Click Next/Next/Next until you finish the field creation. I've added the field to ALL the Organization records. You can take off the ones you don't need.


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