Edit Field Labels

  1. Below are instructions to change the names of fields you'd like to tweak.
  2. Not all fields are available to changing. The ones that come with the NPSP are sometimes "managed" fields, and they are not editable at all.
  3. Phone field on the Account record is editable, but if you change it to Clinic Phone, that field will show up as Clinic Phone across all the record types of Accounts. This would be confusing to anyone entering, for example, a government agency or partner orgs you work with that are not clinics.

Go to Setup > Object Manager > Organization (or the name of the object you're working on)

Instead of scrolling down and down...Just put Organization in the quick find box at the top of the page.

Choose Fields & Relationships

Choose the field you want to alter

Click Edit

If you can change the field label, then it's one of the fields that will let you do that. If you can't change the label, then it's in a Managed Package and the fields have to keep the names they came out of the package with.


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