Survey.v2 Form Work

Most of the contacts in the system do not have the birthdate or the Last 4 Digits of the SS#. We will need to go by email address until we can get this fixed.

This is what I did to fix that:

Make Work Email required.

What are the connector rules for skipping an account lookup at step 2.1?

2.1 is looking up an account record that we'll skip if the tfa_156 field is blank.  (156 = Clinic Name (from CCHF Dataset)

2 - Looks up the contact from the top of the page.
However there are no objects dependent on this, so it doesn't go anywhere.

2.1 - Looks up the Clinic Name from the Dataset
However, there are no objects dependent on the Account, so it doesn't go anywhere either (but we are skipping this if the org name is blank anyway.)

2.1.1 - Updates the contact record. This should be under 2.0, not here. - Update the Account Record, starting with Lookup #20, which seems to say #7 but when you open it, it is looking for the ID of the account above.

This should have all the fields that the first batch had, as this is an update of an existing account, not a new one. - Create new Opportunity record, skipping if the clinic has already paid the annual dues or Please bill my clinic.

This should create a donation name using the tfa_156, not 155.

Note also this has "We can't afford to pay right now" as another condition that should be added to the new one as well.
This still looks iffy to me. TEST THIS SKIP CONDITION on - Affiliation Record for the contact.

This looks up the Account ID - which is a hidden field at the top of the page. Does that field have the ID for the Org when it is already part of the dataset?



At this point, we need to complete the update on the Account, as well as creating an opportunity and an affiliation with the Primary Contact.

This is out of order. You can't look up 2. Account (below this step) here.

Note the actual lookup is correct, but it changes when I click OK.

I changed this to a lookup result (Lookup #15) That should give us the new Org that was created in Step #1. Now we are ready to fill all the fields that should be on the clinic record.


The first formula is fine, but the second and onward work as well. Not sure why, exactly, but it works, so I'm not going to fix it.

Add the Primary Contact to Org

The form is adding affiliations but not adding the primary Contact. To the Oppty or to the Org.

What fields need to be on the Affiliation?

These fields below will show up on the Contact's Affiliation record, but not necessarily on the Org's record as Primary Contact. We need to add the authorized contact to the Org in one of the steps.

We also need to add the Authorized Contact as the Org's Primary Contact. However, in order to add the person to the Primary Contact field on the Opportunity, we also would need to have a Status that isn't "donor" on the Opportunity Contact Role Object.  That's maybe overkill. Not sure about this.

Deleted the AUTH fields from this step:

This is what I deleted, since we no longer use Authorize.Net.


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