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Use Apsona to Update Conf Registrations

The Issue: Conference registrations come in with "Waiting for PayPal" but there is no automatic change in Status when the registration funding has been approved and received by PayPal. As you'll see below, this has been going on for years, and it looks like the system actually never updated the registrations to Donation Received. This How-To is designed to help you move these registrations to Donation Received in one (or several) fell-swoops.

Go to the Waffle in the Upper Left corner of the Tabline

Click on Apsona. If you don't see Apsona, then either your subscription has expired, or you are not listed as a user.  Let's see how to fix this issue if it comes up.

Adding a user to Apsona

Go to Setup (the little gear icon in the upper right corner)
Type Installed into the Quick Find Box
Click on Installed Packages

Find Apsona in the List of Installed Packages and click on Manage Licenses

Here's the list of users of Apsona. You have a total of three with your subscription. Before you can add another, you'll have to remove one of them. It should be easy to figure out how to then add another one if needed.

Back to Apsona in the Waffle

Click Donations, Tabular View

Click Billing Fieldset in the Field Set field.

In the Filters field, click Billing Filter.

It's in My filters for me, and for you it will be in Others' Filters.

The Billing Filter can be changed!

The important field to keep is the Donation.Stage "is not among" and all the possible options are checked EXCEPT "Waiting for Paypal."
Instead of using the organization name, you might want to choose the Created Date. I've created another filter (see below) that has a created Date range, and the Donation Stage = Waiting for Paypal. That might be easier.

However if you use the Billing Filter with Lawndale as the org, you'll see that Waiting for Paypal goes WAY back in time. We can get these cleaned up if you like, but going forward, you can use the "Waiting for Paypal" filter. Only you'll need to change the date range to next year or whatever date period you wish.

Waiting for PayPal Filter

This filter has the created date range (which you might want to change...or not...) and the Stage = Waiting for PayPal.

Once you have the list you want to change, go to Tools

Click Update All

Type Stage into the Field, and then click on the option that comes up.

In the Value Box, Find Donation Received

When you click Donation Received and then Update, ALL the records in your tabular view fieldset will be updated with a Stage = Donation Received.


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