Give Lively Install

To finalize the integration, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Ensure that the integration userhasall of these permissions and settings enabled.

Step 2: Install the Give Lively for Salesforce app viathis link.

Step 3: If you made any configuration changes in your sandbox to facilitate syncing, consider repeating in production.

Step 4: Log into Salesforce using the username and password of the integration user.

Step 5:'ll have to login to the Give Lively admin portal) and click "Connect to Salesforce."

Step 6: Refresh the Give Lively connection details by returning clicking the "Check User and Package Info" button.

Step 7: Configure mapping and sync settings.Read this article for a detailed walkthrough.

Once connected, our integration will sync every hour. To review sync logs and to control data mapping settings, please visit the Organization Settings tab in the top menu of the Nonprofit Admin Portal and select "Integrations". There will be a section dedicated to Salesforce.Note that all historical Give Lively donations will sync into Salesforce once you enable the integration.

Step #1 Complete

Step #2 Complete

Step #3 Complete

I need access to the email of the integration user to see and use the verification code. I'm adding my IP address to the network to see if I can get in that way as the integration user.  Okay, that worked.

Step #4 Complete

Steps #5 & #6 Complete

Nonprofit Admin Portal / Give Lively

Here is where I found this stuff and what I put in for you. You can change these settings to conform to what you want to see.

Below are the steps to access the settings I have created for you.

Note that GL syncs to Salesforce every hour, and the Sync to Salesforce button there is for if you want to see something you entered right away.


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