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Fixing Contacts/Households, Donations, Recurring Donations

Account is Created

However, notice that you didn't create the contacts in the household first. You created the donation that they made, but it is only attached to the account-- my guess is that this isn't a HOUSEHOLD account, which is what we want for our contacts.

In the next steps, I'll show you how I fixed this problem. Please print these instructions out, so you can fix future problems like this.

Jim and Beverly Jeffery | Salesforce - Google Chrome

Step ONE: Create the primary contact.

I will create Jim's contact first.

Jim Beverly | Salesforce - Google Chrome

I have not added any more information to Jim Beverly's contact page, so please go in and add whatever you have-- address? phone number? email? Remember, the Primary Affiliation is the field that shows where he works, so if you know that put it here.

Step TWO: Create the second member of the household

  • Click on the household name.
  • Click on Manage Household.
  • Add Beverly in the search box.
  • Click New Contact
Manage Household | Salesforce - Google Chrome
  • Add all the information you have about Beverly in the New Contact box.
  • Then click New Contact.
  • Then SAVE.

Step THREE: Find the Recurring Donation from Jim and Beverly

First of all, I renamed the Recurring Donation to have more information. Now it shows Jim and Beverly Jeffrey, but also the Installment Period (Annually) and the Amount expected. When I see a list of recurring donations, they should ALL have the same naming convention. It's less confusing that way.

Jim & Beverly Jeffery - Recurring Annually - $100 | Salesforce - Google Chrome

Next, I notice that there IS a contact record for Jim Jeffery, but it's J Jeffery, so I didn't find it at first. I'll go merge these two now.


Step FOUR: Merge the two Jim Jeffery Contacts

  • Click Contact Merge found in the Waffle
Jim & Beverly Jeffery - Recurring Annually - $100 | Salesforce - Google Chrome
Contact Merge | Salesforce - Google Chrome

I searched for J* Jeffery -- the asterisk helps me find both contacts. If I searched for Jim, he wouldn't come up. In fact, that's how I ended up creating a new one. I searched for Jim Jeffery.

Contact Merge | Salesforce - Google Chrome

I found the Jim Jeffery I created and the J Jeffery you created. Now we'll merge them:

  • Check the boxes next to the name and click NEXT
Contact Merge | Salesforce - Google Chrome

I kept all the information you have about Jim in your contact, but I made the Jim I created the MASTER, because this one is in a household with Beverly.

Click Merge.

Step FIVE: Look up the newly merged Contact and see what's there now.

There are FIVE donations, but all of them are pledges. But there are also two Recurring Donations. We need to merge and fix these. There should only be ONE pledged donation. And the 2019 donation is still showing pledged, but we know that he made that donation. So let's get busy!

Jim Jeffery | Salesforce - Google Chrome

Check out the Recurring Donation records:

Recurring Donations | Salesforce - Google Chrome

Notice that Jim & Beverly Jeffery are showing a paid installment, but they don't show up on Jim's donation record, because his CONTACT is not on the recurring donation record. I'm going to move the one actual paid donation to Jim & Beverly - Recurring Annually - $100.

Results - Took just about an hour but it's all fixed!

Notice that Jim and Beverly have separate contact records but both of them are in the Jim and Beverly Jeffery Household (Let the system create the households and use Manage Households button to add extra household members...)

Notice also that there are TWO donations: One posted (the one Jim made in 2019) and one pledged, coming up this September.

Also, there's only one Recurring Donation Record. There should only be ONE recurring donation per donor.

Jim Jeffery - Search | Salesforce - Google Chrome


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