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FIABA-EB: Create an Email Template

Upload an Image to a Document Folder

You'll need to switch to Classic to do this with our Classic Email Template. Then we'll go through the steps to upload an image that we can use in our Birthday Greeting email.

Get Started | Salesforce - Google Chrome
All Tabs ~ Salesforce - Enterprise Edition - Google Chrome
All Tabs ~ Salesforce - Enterprise Edition - Google Chrome
Documents: Home ~ Salesforce - Enterprise Edition - Google Chrome

Upload your Image

Step 1: Fill in the Name and don't forget to check the Externally Available Image Checkbox.

Designate the Folder where the image is stored. Be sure to use NPSP Documents.

Upload New Document ~ Salesforce - Enterprise Edition - Google Chrome

Select your File

Browse through your saved photos to find the one you want to upload. Choose that file.

Click Save.

Upload New Document ~ Salesforce - Enterprise Edition - Google Chrome

The Image is stored in NPSP Documents for our use.

Document: Birthday Image ~ Salesforce - Enterprise Edition - Google Chrome
Home | Salesforce

Classic Email Templates | Salesforce

Navigate to the NPSP Email Templates. Let's look at the General Donation Thank you, and then create a new Thank You Email.

Click on General Donation Thank You

Classic Email Templates | Salesforce

  1. The FIA Bay Area logo is already on this template. (and East Bay's is on their template)
  2. We use a merge field from the donation record to get the full name of the donor.
  3. We reference the donation Close Date and Amount.
  4. We have other text content that we've already added to the template.
  5. This is the template associated with our automatic email acknowledgement function. When we click Acknowledge Now on a donation record, this email goes out to the donor whose name is the primary contact in the Household, or the person we've named as primary contact on the donation.

Classic Email Templates | Salesforce

Note the Clone button at the top of the button list. We'll also use this to create new templates for sending to different kinds of donors: Major Donors, people who've signed up for Recurring Donations, board members we want to recognize for the donations they've influenced, etc.

Click the Clone button

New Template

We will need to delete the information in the Email Template Name and the Template Unique Name, and add a new name. The Template Unique name will auto-fill.

Then we change the description to describe the purpose of this new template

Donor Happy Birthday Template

I've changed all the information I need to change to create a new template based on the other one.

Notice: I've left the FIABA Sample Letterhead, so we'll have the logo.

Also note: I have left the Available for Use box CHECKED.

Hit Save

Edit the Template

Lots of options to customize the page!

We'll leave most of it to play with for another day. (And please do see what all those buttons do! That's where you can really get creative! I'm going to:

  1. Change the Subject field
  2. Use Contact fields instead of Opportunity fields to convey my message.
  3. Add a photo to the email.

Subject and how to use the field picker

I changed the subject line first. Then I went to the Merge Fields section, to pick out the First Name. That gives me a Merge Field already formatted! I copy that and paste it into my template.

Now the template has our birthday friend's first name!

  1. Paste the Contact First Name code into the Greeting Line.
  2. Next we'll add our birthday photo. Click in the body of the email at the place you want to add the photo.
  3. Click on the little Image Icon.

Choose the NPSP Documents Folder and then click on the Image File.

Attach File

Here's Our Email, ready to send!

HTML Email Template Edit: Donor Happy Birthday ~ Salesforce - Enterprise Edition - Google Chrome


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