Install GiveLively in Production

Prepare for Salesforce integration set-up

Integration User = GiveLively User
Username = [email protected]
Password = q7r8&Mo5
Mother's Maiden Name = James
Email (for now and we'll change it after the install is finished = [email protected]

  • The Arrow = THIS IS DONE
  • The Integration user has the System Administrator Profile, which fulfills all of these requirements

Read the Other Considerations!

  • Create a new email for the integration user after Trish is finished with the integration.

Finalize the Integration

Salesforce Integration Landing Page

Navigate to Organization Settings in your Header, Click Integrations, when you get there, Click Settings and Logs.

Nonprofit Admin Portal / Give Lively

There is valuable information at this link:

There are field mapping settings as well as sync logs for donations.

Key Page to Investigate!!!

Sync Logs

Data Mapping (Core Profile Page)

Data Mapping (Donation/Opportunity Record Settings)