Add to Campaign/Delete from Campaign

Add a group of contacts to a campaign in Apsona

  1. Select the people you want to add to a campaign.
  2. Go to Tools > Add to Campaign
  1. Choose to limit to Active Campaigns or not
  2. Select a campaign
  3. Select the campaign member status
  4. Put in today's date

Delete a group of people from a Campaign

I'm going to delete the folks I just put into the campaign, by filtering on Created Date = Today, and Owner = Me.

Bring up Campaign Members

Pick the date range to be as narrow as possible (in this case, it's just today)

Created by Trish Perkins
But keep in mind that you are looking for parameters here that will bring up only those you want to delete, not a passel of others you have to scroll through to find the right ones.

That is all there is to this!


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