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To bring up the Grassroots Mobile Survey App at GitHub, search for the survey app. There are three packages that must be installed. Get started by clicking on the Wiki.

This will bring up all three packages that have to be installed for the Mobile App to work properly. Why three?

  • The Salesforce Package installs the Survey object, and paves the way for you, the user, to design and build the surveys YOU need that fit YOUR special requirements as a nonprofit.
  • The Heroku App Package sets up the handshake between Salesforce and your users phones. It will take the data they enter and funnel it through ONE user in Salesforce.
  • The Mobile App Package makes it possible to store multiple surveys with multiple types of surveys on the phone, so that when offline turns into online, you can sync the surveys into your Salesforce.
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Trish Perkins

We can eliminate this page when we no longer need to access Github for anything...

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