Install the Salesforce App

Sign up for a Dev Org, Scratch Org or install in a Sandbox or Trailhead Playground.

Here's how to get a Dev Org.

URL of dev signup
Registration Form
Almost there...
Email from Salesforce

Change the password on the next screen and you'll be taken to your new Salesforce Dev Org.

Install the Grassroots Survey Salesforce Package

The first app that needs to be installed is the app that lives in Salesforce.

It comes with custom fields, page layouts and custom objects that are used in the Grassroots Mobile Survey App. The app can be customized for different languages.

Best Practice: Always begin a new app install with a sandbox of your Salesforce instance, or a scratch org, a developer edition or Trailhead Playground.

The links below all need to be tested before finalizing this section.

The Grassroots Survey package contains metadata like custom fields and custom objects that are used in the mobile app.

Follow the appropriate link below to install theGrassroots Survey package in a Sandbox, Developer Edition, or Trailhead Playground instance of Salesforce.

Sign into your org. Then, click one of the links above. You should be taken directly to the Install screen.

Create an Integration User

The Integration User is the user that the mobile app will use to get the information from the mobile phones into Salesforce.

The integration user is actually not a "real person," but a handshake with the technology outside of Salesforce. When you look at the list of users in your org, you may already have an "Integration User." We need our own, so let's call it: MyIntegration User.

Create a Standard User Profile with Modify All permissions across the board.

Users | Salesforce - Google Chrome

Grassroots Survey App Admin Permission Set comes with the package

Permission Sets | Salesforce - Google Chrome
Permission Sets | Salesforce - Google Chrome

This Permission Set provides the following Permissions for the Integration User:

Contacts: Read, View All
Field Surveys: Read, Create, Edit, Delete, View All, Modify All
Field Worker and Client Relationship

Scroll down to System Permissions and add API Enabled, if it is not already enabled.

Permission Sets | Salesforce - Google Chrome

Assign the Grassroots Survey App Admin Permission Set

Assign the Grassroots Survey App Admin Permission Set to the Integration User.

Click Manage Assignments

Permission Sets | Salesforce - Google Chrome

Add the Integration User to the Admin Permission set. Click Done.

For more detailed instructions on how to make this a more secure integration, check out this help doc and scroll down to "Details about the Permissions."

Your system admin can specify which of these restrictions should apply to your organization.

Get the Security Token for the Integration User

You will need the username, password and security token for the Heroku set up.

If you don't get the security token when you create your new user, follow the steps below to get that. It's essential!

Log out of your instance, and then log back in with your Integration User. Make sure the Integration user has an working email assigned. You'll need that to get the security token.

Click Reset My Security Token

Click on the Icon that represents you, the user, in the upper right corner of your Salesforce.
Click on Settings

Click Reset Security Token
Now head for your email inbox for your confirmation.

This is what the email says:

NEXT: Post-Install Instructions


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