Apsona Licenses

This how-to shows you how to remove and add users with your three Apsona licenses. You can pay for more users, but Apsona doesn't mind if you switch them around.


Installed Packages

Apsona for Salesforce: Manage Licenses

Remove one of the licenses users

You can always remove me. At the moment, Bhim is working on your FormAssembly forms and he, like me, prefers the Apsona interface for quickly bringing up a specific view of records in a specific object. Here I'm removing him. He knows how to add himself back when he needs to use Apsona. Mostly, there won't be a whole lot of overlap.

Just click "Remove" next to the person you want to replace.

Now there are two...

Notice that the Add Users button is now active. Click Add Users.

Available Users

Choose an active user. Check the box next to that user's name.

Checkbox for Tara

Note that she comes up in the "Selected Users" box.

Click Add.

Now Tara is added to Apsona and will have access to the tool.

This will work seamlessly for all the users with System Administrator profiles. If you have other users who have more restricted visibility into Salesforce, you may need to adjust  the Apsona configuration so they can see what you want them to see. Or, as other clients of mine have done, you can give that user temporary System Administrator status (Setup > Users > Users> Edit (next to the user you want to promote temporarily) and assign the Sys Admin profile to that person.


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