Checkbox Formula v2

New FLow

Record Triggered Flow

Add Decision Element

Use the value without the > sign

So: $Record.Name of Field without > sign

Decision Element Filled in

Flow with just Kulam

Get Records is on the Default Outcome after the Checkbox Variable is assigned.

Update Records

Update Records...but this is missing a Variable?

Save Flow


Failure notice

Edit Flow > Update Records > Edit Element

Update Records

Create Resource - Variable

Finished CheckboxVar

Add the Get Records before Update

New Get Records screen

Sort Contact Records

Make Sort Order Ascending

Get Contact Record

Global Constant = True

Under Default Outcome

Add an assignment Element

Assign Kulam Assignment

Use the CheckboxVar = TRUE  in Set Variable Values

After YES Kulam Checked, Add Element "Connect to Element"

Connect to the Stop plus sign at the end.

Click on the plus sign below the End to connect the Yes Kulam Checked to the End Stop

Edit Update Records
Andy E Utkan's Personal Meeting Room - Zoom
Andy E Utkan's Personal Meeting Room - Zoom
  • Edit Flow > Activate
  • Go to Account and click Edit and then Save

Add a Decision Element

Checkbox Flow - V1

Checkbox Flow v2 - V2


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