Changing Sked Job Owners

1. After Login goto Setup and search for Scheduled Jobs on the search bar.

Or click on this link:

2. Click on the Scheduled Jobs tab. You should see a similar view.


3. Next Click on the Submitted By column.

4. Next scroll down and find the Jobs submitted by Perkins, Trish.

4. Click on Manage on the first Job and take a screenshot of the Job details.

Apex Classes | Salesforce - Google Chrome

5. After the screenshot is taken, delete the Job.

6. Similarly click on Manage and take screenshots of the remaining jobs and delete them.

7. Once you are done taking screenshots and deleting the jobs, now go to the search bar on the left of the screen and search for Apex Classes.

Or Click on this link:

8. Once you click on the Apex Classes tab, you should see a similar screen.

9. Now click on Schedule Apex.

10. Now you start creating the first job by looking at the screenshot that you took earlier.

11. Enter the Name of the Job as it was on the screenshot.

12. Next select the appropriate Apex Class by clicking on the search icon.

13. You should see all the Apex Classes.

14. Now scroll down until you find the appropriate Apex Class.

15. For the first job the Apex class is the one that is highlighted below.

16. After you are done with selecting the Apex Class, fill in the rest of the details as it was on the screenshot and then click Save.

17. Do the same for the remaining jobs.


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