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Here is how to take your spreadsheet with the folks that want to attend Ambassador Training and put them in Salesforce, and into the appropriate campaign. 

  1. Make some changes to your spreadsheet: a) Change the Submission Date field to a Short Date field so the TIME doesn't show. b) Change Submission Date to Date Initiated, c) Change Company to Primary Affiliation

From this:

Detroit_Reconnect_Ambassador_Tr2021-08-09_16_55_41 - Excel

To This:

Account_import_all_2021-08-10_1319 - Excel
  1. Open Apsona to the Account Tab (Waffle > Apsona)
  2. Always click Settings>Clear Cache to make sure Apsona is up to date on Salesforce changes.
apsona__Apsona for Salesforce | Salesforce - Google Chrome

3. Click Tools>Import/Update

apsona__Apsona for Salesforce | Salesforce - Google Chrome

4. Copy>Paste your Spreadsheet into the box. Make your choices here match the ones below.

apsona__Apsona for Salesforce | Salesforce - Google Chrome

5. Click Next and Match the Column Heading of Primary Affiliation to the Account Name. For this, that's all you want to do: Get your Accounts into the System.

apsona__Apsona for Salesforce | Salesforce - Google Chrome

6. Click Next to see possible Errors, then change the option from "Stop and Show Errors" to "Omit Erroneous Records" and Click Next.

7. Click Import

8. Click Download All Records to get a new spreadsheet.

9. Take your new spreadsheet (which now has the Account IDs) to the Contact Tab, and repeat the steps above, only this time on the Contact Tab. Set that up like this:  


apsona__Apsona for Salesforce | Salesforce - Google Chrome

Paste the spreadsheet in
Click Next
Map the SF fields to the Spreadsheet headers
Next - Stop and Show Errors
Next - Omit Erroneous Records
Download the Success File with ALL the records and check for errors

The Contact Import success file needs a little bit of work to make it ready to import into the campaign

Contact_import_all_2021-08-10_1324 - Excel

Keep the WHOLE spreadsheet but add: Campaign Name and Campaign Member Status

Now you're ready to go through the same process to add these people to the campaign.

Here's how that setup looks on the campaign Member object in Apsona. NOTE you need to Match Fields: Campaign Name AND Contact ID.

apsona__Apsona for Salesforce | Salesforce - Google Chrome

Now see if you can go through all the steps to IMPORT. Watch the video or use the steps above to figure it out!!!

Be sure to do a couple of random checks to make sure that people went into the right campaign, etc.


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