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Step 1: Enter Field Workers into Salesforce as Contacts

We entered our first Field Worker in the Salesforce Install step. Now, it's time to put the both the Clients you're working with and the Field Workers all into your Salesforce.

Field Workers must have an email address in the Login Email field. This field is their login to the Mobile App, stored in Heroku. It will also help connect Field Workers with their Client List. Be sure to add it to the Login Email field on the Contact Page for all your Field Workers.

Set the Contact Type = Field Worker

Step 2: Enter Survey Clients into Salesforce as Contacts

Set the Contact Type = Survey Client

Step 3: Enter pairs of Survey Clients and Survey Users into the User and Client Relationships object

  • Relationship Number is automatically generated. As is the record owner.
  • Field Worker will be the Field Worker
  • Client will be the Survey Client
  • Type shows the form category. The Field Worker chooses the type of survey (a Record Type set up by Sys Admin) on the mobile phone, but this shows at a glance that the Field Worker and the Survey Client have records with this Record Type in the system.
  • Survey User Login Email is automatically generated from the Field Worker record.

Step 3: Add Users to Heroku.

Check back to the Salesforce Install section, or follow these breadcrumbs: login >  Click on your AppName (grassrootsmobilesurveyapp, for example) > Auth0 > User Management > Users

Each worker you add will need to have a working email address. Heroku sends a verification email to that address and then certifies each user as "Verified."

Step 4: Onboard Your Field Workers

Leave plenty of time for this step. Folks without a lot of experience with online apps will need to download the app to their phone and then sign in, using the Login Email in their contact record. Here's how:

  • As Admin, give each of your Field Workers the link to the current .apk file of the latest version of the Mobile App. The link is in the Chapter "Mobile App Install Android" or "Mobile App Install iPhone." The Login Screen will come up.
  • Click on the gear in the upper right corner and enter the name of the mobile app from Heroku
  • Add the Login Email and the Password that was created for this user in Heroku.
  • Click Log In

Step 4.5: Hand out the Field Workers Guide

We've tailored the information below to keep the terms generic and to make using the phone easy-peasy for your field workers. The guide should be downloaded and printed out so each field worker has their own guide to work with.

Step 5: Use your mobile app to complete surveys and send the data to Salesforce.

This is the first screen you'll see. There's a lot going on, so check out the explanation of each element of the screen below.

  1. The Logout icon. If you leave before you sync your surveys, you'll lose the unsynced surveys.
  2. The Sync icon. Click here when you have surveys to upload to Salesforce and you have wifi or cell phone service.
  3. The Status bar. Shows how many unsynced surveys you have, how many synced ones, and the total of the two.
  4. The Add New Survey Button. Click here to choose which type of survey you want to use.
  5. Settings Gear - It will contain any Language options your Admin has entered. Also this is the place to Reload data and new surveys from Salesforce that are not yet on your phone. A best practice would be to start each survey session with clients by reloading here, making sure you have the latest versions of the surveys, etc.

We have two types of  Sample Surveys in our Sample Survey Package. Your System Admin can add all the different types of surveys you'll be using and the survey names will appear on this screen. As soon as you choose one of the options, you'll be taken to the Survey.

Notice that we have two places for Contacts.

  1. The Survey Contact Lookup field. All of the clients in your caseload appear when you click on the search icon. You'll choose one and then fill out the rest of the survey.
  2. Repspondant's First and Last Name. You'll fill in these two if you don't have the current client in your caseload.

Note: You can fill one option or both options. Use the combo to correct name spelling, for instance.

When you search the Survey Contacts,  you'll get the list of your clients. Here, the field worker has only one client so far in her caseload.

Birthdays can be a bit awkward, since the calendar is set to 2022. We have an excellent way to reach for the correct year! Click on the year number on the page.

You'll get a list of years reaching back as far as 1900 and going forward to 2100. This can cover the birthdays for a good while!

Your Surveys at a glance!

You'll have a list of surveys you've completed and uploaded on the phone. You can see the dates these surveys were added to Salesforce. We're working on getting that Survey Name to include the name of the Client, in case you'd like to go back to check on what the situation was when you last spoke with the client.

The list of completed surveys will grow. Notice that the date the survey was completed is on the screen.

Success! Created a New Survey notice!

Notice that the unsynced survey has a small blue triangle in the upper right corner. You won't forget to sync your surveys as soon as you get back to connectivity. If you have phone service or wifi, you can sync them one at a time. Or wait until the end of the day to upload them all at once. No more manual survey data entry!

Success! Survey is successfully uploaded!

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