How to graduate/terminate/etc. a client

Let's take a look at the tab menu bar when you first log in.

To get to the Program Management app, click on "the waffle" on the left side corner. You should see Program Management in the list of Apps. If you don't, click View All.

View All takes you to all your "apps," under All Items, try looking here or search in the search bar. Chances are, it's here, in alphabetical order!

Under Program Management app, select Contact Tab

Client information is tracked as Contact record after the convert of prospecting client in the system.


Client detail section

Client Detail page has Client's name, address, email, phone, referring person & agency or self-referred, WEDO Qualified Client or Cash Paying Client including requested services like Anger Management, Domestic Violence-Batterer, Domestic Violence  Survivor, Parent Education, Life Skills, Support Group, other.

In Client Info section, you can see # no of classes required to get graduated and no of class sessions attended other info.


Graduated Clients: Quarterly follow-up calls to check on graduated clients (or last PO) for updates, offer continued support group, invite to special events, connect with employment opportunities, congratulate for progress, etc. Checks if any survey is due before certificate is issued.

Terminated Clients: Choose reasons why ? Per Client’s request, Unacceptable behavior, Consistently poor attendance, Reincarcerated, Other.


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