Academic Year Connection Issue FA>SF

NLS Advisor Student Selection Form (Prefill Connector)

Step 1: Clone the form.
Step 2: Strip it down to the Academic Year Lookup

Clone URL:

In the Survey Object:

Entry Status
Academic Year Account ID
Current Academic Year?
Survey Record Type

Classic Email Templates | Salesforce

Academic Year Object

Fields of Interest

CoFo SIS Academic Year__c formula:
TEXT(YEAR( CoFo_SIS__Start_Date__c )) & " - " & TEXT(YEAR( CoFo_SIS__Start_Date__c ) + 1)

Link Advisor Selection form Formula

Form Assembly : Betty Boop's Prefill for Advisor Selection Form

Finds Betty Boop's survey, but doesn't find an academic year. Prefills the Survey? : Connector Salesforce2

There IS NO 17.DRDFS_Form_Submission!

This should be changed so that these two fields are added to the English Form Submission. These are the Form Submissions that go with the English version, one for the Student and One for the Parent.

Nor is there a 21.DRDFS_Form_Submission-- Lookup #21 is a Contact Lookup

NLS Advisor Student Selection Form

The Prefill finds the survey, but it isn't finding the Academic Year. We need to have the Academic Year on the Prefill.

Link to Advisor Form on (Copy) to see what happens.


S03 Administrator NLS Selection Approval Request


Change the Production Advisor Selection Form to reflect the changes I made on the Copy Version

  1. Prefill conditions stay the same.
  2. Look up Academic Year Object: Academic Year = 2021-2011 on the Academic Year Object.
  3. I think also I made the Show Form = Show Form in the Build section of the form.


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