Annual Steps - NLS and Re-Commit

Sophomore Application

Change the Dates on Page 1

It was fine in 2021

Page 4: Household dependents and size

Looks like one of these date ranges didn't get done last year. Changing all three to refer to the upcoming year.

Changing the Spanish version as well.

Please have an Arabic reader review the changes in the Arabic dates.

Classic Email Templates

English Parent Request

Link doesn't work.  So the instructions in Screenshots follow.

Setup > Classic Email Templates

NLS Application Templates

  1. Student Confirmation - No Changes
  2. Parent Confirmation - The text version was incorrect. I copied the text from the html version.
  3. English Parent Request - Same problem with the text version. I copied the test from the html version.
  4. Spanish Parent Request - Same problem with text version.
  5. I've left the Arabic Version as is. Please have someone review.


How to make sure text and html are identical:

This shows what you need to do with the Text Versions

NOTE: When you change the date for the deadline to complete the form, you'll need to do that on the English, Spanish and Arabic HTML template and then go to the text version, and "Copy text from HTML."

DRDFS Form Submission | Salesforce

Start in the Form Submission object.

The formula looks to see if the Academic Year is blank. If so, the Link Parent Form is linked to the Survey. If there is an Academic Year, then the link is "Administrator Approval Form" on the Academic Year object.

Here the formula has a FormAssembly form to link to if the Survey is the Recommitment Application, and another

Getting the Forms' Numbers Right

Academic Year | Salesforce

Academic Year | Salesforce

This link is to the NLS Administrator Student Selection Approval Form, adding the Academic Year and the High school + Click Here

This form is not available now.

Flow for Sending Emails, NLS and Recomit

Reactivated the Update College Field on Event Member Process - This needs testing (Erin?)

Recommit Process

Page 1 & 2 Change years

FormAssembly Form - 482703

Change the Form's Name

Done - No other changes to the Form are needed

Classic Email Templates for Recommitment

  1. Contact.Link_New_Re_commitment_Form__c

Contact fields


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