How to create tasks/follow up reminders

To track follow-up calls and other activities on graduated clients, we use Tasks tab in the menu bar.

Tasks should be created for anything that requires immediate action or as a remainder like the follow up with the graduated clients for updates, offer continued support group, invite to special events, connect with employment opportunities, congratulate for progress, etc.  

#1. New Task/Follow-up Task

The Tasks tab in Salesforce shows Task list views including tasks due today, open tasks, overdue and recently completed tasks. These views are great for managers or end users who want to create lists to help them manage their day to day.

#2. Adding a Task within a Contact/Client record will relate that Task to that specific Contact record and its associated Account.

You can choose a Contact to associate the respective household account otherwise it will only be related to the Household Account only. So when adding a Task to an Household Account record, be sure to manually associate it to the proper Contact.

In the Activity section of the contact record page, click on create a task or the blue add button, which will reveal the task dialog.

Fill the required info

1. The task is automatically assigned to the person creating it, but can be assigned to anyone on the staff you can access.

2. Subject, as you can see, is required.

3. if you click today's date, it will automatically appear in the Due Date field.

4. Since we’re creating a task from the contact/client record, that field is filled in the name field.

5. By default, tasks are assigned to the creator of the task, but you choose if you want to assign a task to another user.

6. Select the status, by default this is set to not started, but you can select in progress, deferred, waiting on someone else or complete.

7. Once the details are filled in, click Save.

You’ll receive a reminder in the notification section of Salesforce when a task with a due date in the future is created.

#3. Recurring tasks.

Example, Let’s say a Facilitator had to followup with one of your Clients who tells them that they won’t be ready to talk with anyone until 2 months from now. That Facilitator logs the call on the Contact record and creates a Task with a reminder in 2 months. The Task will show both on the Contact Activity history as well as the Account Activity history.


1. New Task is the To-Do List, reminders, follow-up notices. Because these are not completed items, they are in the related list "Open Activities."  

2. Log a Call is for a completed telephone call, completed personal visit. As these are completed items, they are in the related list "Activity History."


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