Take Attendance in Class

#1. Click the Service Schedules Tab

Each class you are teaching is called a "Service." The Anger Management Class, for instance, is one of the services provided by Olive Support Services in their Program called Classes. The Service Schedule are each date the class is offered.

#2. Select the Service Session/class from Service Schedules list view and click on the Session name.

Each time the class meets, the class teacher will bring up, first, the specific class. Here we are choosing Raquel's Friday class that meets at 10 am. and runs for two hours. Click on that class.

Notice that we can see some information about the class in the left column and the "Service Sessions" in the right-hand column. Each Service session is one class session, on a particular date and time.

Track the attendance

Track the attendance for the day. All the students enrolled in the class appear on the right panel, with a DEFAULT value of "Present."

  1. All you have to do is to change the ones who are NOT present to "Absent." And that's DONE!
  2. Mark the number of classes attended as "1."
  3. Hit the submit button.

Mark the class status as Complete

Hit the Edit button in the upper right corner. Change the Status in the left column from Pending to Complete.


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